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Very trippy! I love the song!

Thanks, glad you enjoyed!


It was quite the trip, but the music and premise made it a charming one. The ending I got on my first try had me trying for more.

PS: Good boy.

Thanks for the feedback! Good boy until you get the evil ending... ;)


So trippy, yet so beautiful...

Thanks man, glad you liked it!


Nice visual effect of the tornado. Would put the message hit full screen in the game. The text is not visible when you click on the link to the gaeme. (or just make it fit to the resolution.)

The gameplay is smooth, but had trouble understanding the mechanics and the goal. (I'm not a reader in game ;p

Well overal it looks nice and is relaxing.

Yeah, definitely good point on the full screen bit. It's now added in the new update. And I'm uploading the downloadable version - the way it's truly meant to be played. One day I'd like to put together practical tutorial.

Thanks for checking it out!